Stay Wet Palette

If you Make a -  Stay Wet Palette....

This will help you overcome some of the problem of fast drying acrylic paint. This is how to - Make a Stay Wet Palette.

Acrylic paint dies quickly. Drying depends on how dry the atmosphere is, if you control the moisture content of the air around your paint then you have the ability to keep your paint on your palette usable for a longer period.

You can control the drying time of the paint on your palette by occasionally spraying a fine mist of water onto it.
Use a drying retarder with your paint when painting in very dry conditions, especially if you wish to have more time to blend colours on the canvas. I have found Winsor & Newton Artists Acrylic Slow Drying Medium excellent in both retarding the drying and maintaining the colour. It could double the drying time but will not keep your paint wet for use an hour or two never mind the next day. To achieve this make a stay wet palette.

I have used this type of palette but still feel that I prefer to use my standard palette as it is firmer surface to mix paint on. I save any mixed colour in small stay wet containers. Try both ideas and you can make a choice of what suits you.

This is how to make a container to keep mixed acrylic paint and to work from as a palette......
You will require a large shallow flat poly/plastic food container with an air tight lid, some kitchen paper towel, a sheet of greaseproof paper or plastic sheet cut to the shape of the container base. Use the lid as a template

Line the base of the container with two or three sheets of kitchen towel, dampen, place the cut a sheet of grease proof paper on top of the wet kitchen towel.

Now you can mix and save acrylic paint!!

Note: If you use a plastic or film instead of greaseproof you will not have the benefit of the moisture permeating through the paper, however it will help in that the paint will not be so reduced. Use the lid more often when using film. Try out both methods and see which you prefer. Make sure you do not drown the base with water.

How to store mixed paint ....

- ready to place back onto your palette.
Save your plastic food containers such as marg. or butter tubs. Make up as above, place damp kitchen towel in the base and a layer of grease proof on top. Place the paint from your palette onto the greaseproof paper in the container. Fix on the airtight lid. Your surplus paint or that special colour already mixed will be ready to use next time you paint. In the correct conditions your paint may last like this for a few days.

Make a Stay Wet Palette.

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