How to Eliminate Weeds on Your Lawn

Prevention is the best weed killer. Each kind of grass has an ideal cutting height for good health and steady growth. When cutting do not lower than that height, and when cut before it gets too high, the grass will normally out-compete lawn weeds as long as it’s also fertilized and watered correctly. Longer grass helps block weeds in a couple of many ways. The taller increased shades the ground, keeping it retarding and cooler lawn weed seed germination. And once lawn weed seeds germinate, they don’t have as much sunlight as they require for hardy growth.

Mow Your Grass When It’s Needed

It’s also necessary to mow your grass when it’s needed. That’s when the grass is one-third before the right cutting height. Depending on the weather in your area and the time of year, this can mean mowing in every week or two, or every four or five days. Checking the height also means you’re clipping off weed seed heads before they can mature and seed your lawn.