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My  website paint landscape is an extension of my love of painting. My wish is you enjoy. 

Peter Tarrant

Do you look at the scenery and need to capture it? Here you can start to paint-landscape today with Peter Tarrant and enjoy being creative.

You will find ways to express you feelings on maybe paper, card or canvas. From sketching, photographic references and getting paint onto canvas, you can do it. Or maybe you are a more experienced artist who may like put some of your ideas and advice into our comments page, we gain inspiration from each other.

Sometimes wonder what to put into a landscape painting? Making a choice is important. Paint the landscapes, the scenery you have visited and experienced as contemporary paintings from the comfort of your home. You can paint landscape or paint landscapes any time any where.

The exciting benefit it changes with the time of day, weather and season so there is plenty of scope to just keep painting the same but different, but a change is good.

Paint landscapes and enjoy hanging your contemporary or modern paintings in your home.

Inspiration. Where does it come from?
Well for me it sometimes just gets stuck. Do you find the same? Then all of a sudden it just flows, if it's a problem using it before it gets forgotten so write it down, make a note and book some time on the Calendar to paint your new modern art landscapes.

Where do you start when you paint? Do you see a landscape and paint or sketch it, maybe just a photo or is it a reference from somewhere else?

I am fortunate living in the Trossachs, countryside with mountains and lochs, famous for inspiring art in so many ways. Also the West Coast of Scotland (not far away) has colour though the fantastic light. For me this is where all my contemporary, modern art, original art, seascapes, giclee prints for my painted landscapes begin

The coastal scene is inspiration and so when I can I go there.
If on a dull day and not inspired, having the "painters blank," I do something different maybe just play with the paints or sketch book it's surprising what can be achieved having fun.

Avoid painting directly landscapes from photographs, make a preliminary sketch, decide what you want to paint - not exactly the photograph, be inspired and be expressive.

Some ask, did you always paint?
Yes as long as I can remember. At school there were shortages of paper long after the war so we used newspaper to paint on! I remember painting boats. I think the first paintings were seascape paintings of pirate sailing boats, now it's coastal scenes which give great enjoyment.

I don't have any copies or originals of my first paintings. I wish I had, if you have children keep at least some of the paintings for them to see in their adult days.

Children’s Paintings are often contemporary landscape paintings, a lot more than just paint on paper as they meant something to the young artist at the time. The uninhibited brush, the bright colors are a big contrast to the "grown-ups" fear of starting on the blank white canvas!

If you have not already framed some of your children’s art, I recommend you put them in a stock frame, it inspires and encourages the growing artist and you will be surprised what a difference it makes to their art.

Keen on photography and art and this led me to the graphics side of printing industry as a photo-litho artist, possibly one of the reasons I produce my own giclee prints. I came back to painting years later. Now a more determined player, entering exhibitions, getting work into galleries, entering Open Studio events and running painting holidays and workshops
This all brings invitations to other events and commissions.

Painting Workshop or Painting Holiday
The painting workshops are a new venture designed be enjoyable. In my previous career I was involved in training and whilst the objective of learning might be the same the workshop is a holiday, so my painting workshops are relaxed and designed for enjoyment . Maybe you are interested in online workshops if so please contact me.

Online and off line landscape painting workshops

Sharing my views on landscape painting is important to me, my opinions, not cast in stone but are my building blocks to paint “my way”.

I exhibit my paintings on this site, and my other online site

I aspire to keep an open door to other artists ideas, not that I follow all concepts but we can all be influenced by our surroundings, hopefully making the right choice. 

Peter Tarrant's paintings and paint landscape

Hopefully you enjoy my landscape paintings, If any are of particular interest then please get in touch through Paint landscape

My work in available to view at my studio and some outlets in Scotland.  

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To purchase online with confidence I ship my paintings or prints with the guarantee that you may return if not satisfied. Please feel free to discuss these arrangements. In  the first instance please contact me through the website Contact

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MAY 2015



Painting By Peter-Tarrant. Number 6 The Glen.  Contemporary Scottish  Paintings, a series of Scottish Highland Cottages and Crofts

Painting Holidays with Peter-Tarrant

Enjoy the Trossachs scenery and paint.

With Peter Tarrant - explore the opportunity to create modern art landscapes all year from the reference photographs and sketches, which you make when out and about in the Trossachs from day one.

Paint the Landscape whatever the weather. The warm upper studio at Venachar Lochside is an ideal location to enjoy and paint the scenery from this lochside gallery.

To pursue this contemporary approach we should go sketching, take photographs and download the photographs and consider options on simple photo editing softwear. A computer and colour inkjet printer will be available. Or just start painting inside or at an outdoor location

This is your chance to paint the Trossachs as...


Paintings by Peter Tarrant

Secluder Haven

Safe Harbour Loch Lomond -SOLD

Loch Ewe SOLD

Arran Cottage SOLD

Moon Shore Croft SOLD

Vital Spark SOLD

You can see more of Peter's Paintings and also buy online.

Visit - Little Gems and more listed on the right of this page. Also Giclee prints

Want to know more?

If you would like to speak to Peter about the forth coming Workshops,Painting Holidays or accommodation please firstly fill out a comments form and you will be contacted by email or phone.