Paint Landscape

My website paint landscape is an extension of my love of painting.

Castle Stalker Painting by Peter TarrantCastle Stalker Sunset by Peter Tarrant.

Paint Landscape

Look at the scenery and have to capture it? Here you can start and paint today, enjoy being creative. You could plan visiting painting locations in Scotland. A holiday painting Scotland's landscape.

You will find ways to express you feelings on maybe paper, card or canvas. From sketching, photographic references and getting paint onto canvas, you can do it. Or maybe you are a more experienced artist who may like put some of your ideas and advice into our comments page, we gain inspiration from each other.

Sometimes wonder what to put into a painting? Making a choice is important. Paint the scenery you have visited and experienced as contemporary paintings from the comfort of your home. You can paint any time, any where with a sketch or reference.

The exciting benefit it changes with the time of day, weather and season so there is plenty of scope to just keep painting the same but different, but a change is good.

Paint and enjoy hanging your contemporary or modern paintings in your home or other places.

Inspiration. Where does it come from?  Well for me it sometimes just gets stuck. Do you find the same? Then all of a sudden it just flows, if it's a problem using it before it gets forgotten so write it down, make a note and book some time on the Calendar to paint your new modern art. 

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