Choosing the Right Grass for Your Lawn

Success with your lawn depends on different things. Not the least among them is growing the proper type of grass for your area. In general, northern areas grow cool-season grasses, and the southern regions grow warm season varieties. The transition area is capable of increasing both types with proper care.

Creeping grasses like bluegrass, Bermuda and most warm-season grasses spread by below or above ground runners. Crawling varieties are more likely to thatch.

Bunch grasses such as ryegrass and fescue spread from the crown of the plant. Mowing high protects the head and ensures the survival of the grass.

Few Types of Grass


Bahia is a tough turfgrass particularly suited to the humidity and heat of the South. It has a rougher texture than other turfgrasses, but because of this toughness, it can handle massive foot traffic with ease.


Bermuda’s aggressive growth habit gives it excellent weed protection. That same trait can be an issue when Bermuda invades flower beds. Bermuda is wear-resistant and drought-tolerant. Over seeding with rye will provide a green lawn during winter.